Ben Affleck Net Worth

Ben Affleck Net Worth

Who does not know the Batman who fought the mighty Superman? Yes, we are talking about the 49-year-old acting phenomenon. Ben Affleck is a popular American-based film actor and moviemaker. His complete name is Benjamin Geza Affleck-Boldt, but is common for his short name Ben Affleck. He has a height of 1.73m, and the looks of a dashing cinema and on-screen performer.

Ben was born on August 15, 1972, in Berkley which is a city in northern California. Their birthplace had a very major impact on the character building and career of Ben Affleck. The actor is reported to earn $30 million per annum, ben Affleck net worth is across the $150 million mark in 2022.

Who is Ben Affleck? Early Life, Career, and Success

Ben Affleck was born to Mother Christine Anne who was at teaching duty in Cambridge Massachusetts, and Father Timothy Affleck who had no permanent job. Ben also has a younger brother Casey Affleck who is an actor. Immediately after the birth of his sibling, the parents filed for a divorce.

The 49-year-old made his acting debut in 1979 in the movie ‘the dark end of the street’.However, it was structured and financed by a family friend people saw the potential and goods that ben had in him. From 1980-to 87, Ben was featured in A PBS children’s program famously known as ‘Voyage of the MImi’.He was simultaneously working for the ‘Second Voyage of the Mimi’ at a mere age of 8years.

This earned Ben Affleck the attention of the masses and started to make appearances under popular banners and movies, such as School ties(1992), Daddy(1991), and many more. Ben graduated school from Cambridge Rindge and Latin School in 1990.

What Movie did Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Write Together?

Ben only spared one semester at the University of Vermont and later moved together with his school friend Matt Damon to Los Angeles. Matt Damon played a pivotal role in Ben Affleck’s life and career, and so did Ben for Matt. Both spent their childhood together and fulfilled their acting dreams as partners.

The first boom of fame for both started when adopted the idea of acting in one of the screenplays written by them. The initial idea of ‘Good Will Hunting’ was merely for an assignment project at Harvard for Matt Damon. However, after dropping from Harvard University, Matt alongside Ben stressed forming a screenplay draft of the 40-page story ‘Good Will Hunting’.

They drafted the screenplay and hired their agent to surface it across studios. Rejected by several studios, Matt and Ben were not only looking for an acting Gig but the creative freedom to execute the idea. This was provided by Miramax, the film was released in 1997. It was widely acclaimed and appreciated by actors and fans, and brought overnight fame and fortune for the duo.

Furthermore, the overnight success of ‘Good Will Hunting’ proved to be a defining moment for Ben. He was consistently offered big roles after the success of his cowritten movie.’ Armageddon, ‘Pearl Harbor’, ‘Changing Lanes’ and ‘Argo’ earned ben a lot of commercial success and career elevation.

How did Ben Affleck make his Money?

Ben earned $300k from Goodwill Hunting and a $200k paycheck from Pearl Harbor. Movies such as Daredevil and Gigli brought criticism and embarrassment from the crowd, Ben made millions of dollars from both movies. Ben is also a businessman and has earned quite a fortune in Real estate. He made a whopping profit of $14.45 million by selling his house in L.A, which was originally bought at the cost of $17.55 million.

Ben Affleck’s Wife

Ben Affleck’s Wife

Ben Affleck was married in 2005 to Jennifer Garner, his co-star in ‘Dare Devil. The couple had given birth to two daughters Seraphina Affleck and Violet Affleck, alongside a son named Samuel Affleck. However, due to personal conflicts, the couple parted their ways officially in 2018. Ben still mentions his divorce as the biggest regret of his life

Ben Affleck Net Worth Conclusion

Ben Affleck has been a tremendous asset to the Hollywood industry, both commercially and giving quality cinema. That is why the ben Affleck net worth has only seen a rise since the advent of the celebrity. His life is an example for people who follow their passion no matter what consequences, are waiting for them.


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